Atallah Marc - DENIED

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Atallah Marc - DENIED

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A. First Name: Atallah
B. Surname: Marc
C. Age: 21
D. Residence: Willowfield in front of barber shop
E. Origin: Los Santos
F. Passport: Yes
G. Driving License: Yes
H. Weapon License: Yes

A. Age: 21
B. Discord: marktallah11
C. Are you able to speak and/or listen on voice?: Yes
D. Your previous names: LB_skullcrusher

A. Have you ever worked in a government agency (such as PD, FD, EMS)?
yes i did worked and still working as a volunteer at PD

B. What groups have you been, or still are, apart of?
yes i am still at PD as a volunteer

C. What is the highest rank you achieved in a group, and which group?

D. Have you ever been involved in criminal activities, if yes, which?
no i have never been arrested or done any crime before i am perfectly clean

E. Name at least three of your friends:
Paul Need ( volunteer), Caleb (trooper), Chuck (seargent)

F. Have you ever been convicted in the court of law?

A. Why do you want to join the San Andreas Police Department? [100 WORDS MINIMUM]
Police officers are responsible for protecting and serving their communities, helping people in times of need and fighting crime. When I was a child, I witnessed a scene with police officers taking charge of the situation. I always admired their commitment to protecting the members of the community.My brother is also in Pd in my country and one of my dreams was to be like him.Let me tell u a difference between bad and good cop. A good cop
.Cares about the general public.
.Cares about making a difference to the community.
.Wants to help others.
.Wants to work as part of a reputable and efficient team.
.Wants to grow and improve themselves.
i am now one of the volunteer who's purpose to grow thats why i am applying here.
Otherwise a bad cop
.Is only applying because they want to catch criminals.
.Wants to ride around in a police car with the lights flashing.
.Wants to meat out physical punishment to wrongdoers.
.Wants the status and admiration that comes from working as a police officer.
.Wants to earn lots of money.(once a criminal asked me to uncuff him and he pays me 200k and i of course refused).
what about me ? i only car about my cop friends and their safety i car about helping poor people who get robed or shot by other cirminals who's intention to get money by doing crimes .
???I???ve worked in my current role now as a volunteer for a number of weeks I have an excellent teamates and I enjoy working for them but, unfortunately, I no longer find my job as volunteer challenging. I love working under pressure, working as part of a team that is diverse in nature, and also helping people in difficult situations. The public expectations of the police are very high, and I believe I have the right qualities to help the police deliver the right service to the community. Thank you

B. What does it mean to you to be a law enforcement officer?
Law enforcement is a term for the activities of some members of government who act in an organized manner to enforce the law by discovering, deterring, rehabilitating, or punishing people who violate the rules and norms governing that society.[1] Although the term encompasses police, courts, and corrections, it is most frequently applied to those who directly engage in patrols or surveillance to dissuade and discover criminal activity, and those who investigate crimes and apprehend offenders,[2] a task typically carried out by the police, sheriff or another law enforcement organization.

C. What are three negative aspects of your personality?
i have never told i have bad aspects in my personality otherwise i think i have 1 which is Having a good heart sometimes make you stupid and thats how i look like sometime

D. How would you describe yourself?
I love people i don't like to see them in danger or being treated unfair by others.
i have a Good heart. Every one say that about himself but not everyone mean it like i do.
I don't care about money, money come and go, the moment we life are most precious,also family and friends are.
i am someone patient , not racist i love all people i don't care about their colour, religion or language. Thank you

E. What is your goal in SAPD if you get the chance to join?
as i said before my job as a volunteer is no longer challenging i need to improve my self and i want to be able to help others while i have more permissions on my duties Thank you so much.

I, Atallah Marc, agree to the terms of the contract, to its sections and to the lawbook of San Andreas.
I agree to ensure their faithful observance, to defend the citizens and obey lawful orders issued by superiors.
I agree to protect the rights and liberties of San Andreas.

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Re: Atallah Marc - DENIED

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Dear applicant,
Thank you for your attempt to join our department,
Unfortunately you have been denied from entering the Police Academy of San Andreas Police Department.

The application was denied for the following reasons:
  • Plagiarism
You may not re-apply until 31st of August 2020, applications posted before this given time will be denied instantly. In the meantime, try to work on the issues listed above and fix them.
Aberama McCavern
Senior Instructor