[Press Release] - Notorious Criminal behind bars!

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[Press Release] - Notorious Criminal behind bars!

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Published on 30th May
Website: pd.sagov.us
Spokesman: Khalid King


Notorious criminal Jethro Smith behind bars!

On May 30th, 19:05 - The notorious balla and ruthless criminal Jethro Smith was detained and arrested. Along with one of his members. The SWAT team was responsible for apprehending the suspects. The following charges were the charges of Jethro Smith.

  • Discharging weapons in public
  • Failure to comply with LEO
  • Threatening LEO

The two gang members were found near a injured civilian, who was bleeding on the road, with these two suspects right beside them with guns in their hand. The civilian was shot in chest twice, along with a knife cut on his neck. The SWAT team attempted to detain the suspects however they ran inside their gang property located East of GS9. The property was breached by the SWAT team and Jethro Smith, along with his partner in crime were arrested on the above said charges.

A statement from S.W.A.T. Team Leader:

On Saturday night, Jethro Smith and Ahmed Jimli, members of the notorious gang Ballas were arrested. The two gang members failed to obey orders given by the SWAT team, and ran away, going inside their property. The property was shortly breached after and the suspects were found inside. Jethro Smith was holding a weapon in his hand while he was threatening the SWAT team. Both of the suspects were arrested immediately and handed over to the Police Department for Processing and Jailing. While we do believe Jethro Smith was bluffing when he was making the threats about unleashing hell on Los Santos, I still ask the citizens of Los Santos to stay safe, especially if you live in Idlewood. These people are not taken lightly. Thank you.


Website: pd.sagov.us
Author: Khalid King
Photos: SWAT
Date: 30 / 05 / 20

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