[Press Release] - Future of SAPD!

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[Press Release] - Future of SAPD!

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Published on 28th May
Website: pd.sagov.us
Spokesman: Khalid King


New Governor!

On May 7th, the voting for the new Governor was started, and lasted for 48 hours until it was closed on May 9th. On the same day, the new Governor was announced. The Libertarian Democrats was on top in the votings and Ace Westbrooks was appointed as the new Governor for a period of three months. During the announcement of the Governor, assassination attempts occurred on Governor Westbrooks, but due to the strong security of SWAT and HRT, the attacks were horrible failures. The Governor was escorted to a secured place to avoid further assassination attempts.

The SAPD congratulates and welcomes you Mr Westbrooks.


Academy Divsion changes!

The Academy Division went through some changes to provide efficient yet fast and quick Academy progress for the Recruits to become Troopers. The old system consisted of minimum 10 FTPs, 3 Sessions and Exam. It was decided to change the system as we found out the system was not as efficient as it should be.

The changes are as follows:
  • Entry Exam for the applicants to pass before they can become Recruit.
  • After becoming a Recruit, the Recruit has to take five Sessions.
  • After taking the Sessions, the Recruit has to take three Field Training Patrol (FTPs).
  • After completing the FTPs, the Recruit is given an Exam, which consists of a total of 50 points, whereas the old one only had 15 points total.


Ceremony of May

As another great month, of success and failure is coming to an end, the Ceremony of May was hosted on 24th May where departmental members were given appreciation of their hard work and were promoted. The full list of Promotions and Awards can be found here. There were no promotions for Sergeant position as of 23rd May, the promotion to Sergeant rank requires applications which are sent to Captain Williams. This system will ensure the selection of quality members for such position so they can perform efficiently without any issues.

Before the Ceremony was started, a Parade was hosted which went from LSPD to Conference Center. A great number of volunteers as well as official members took participation.


Public Affairs Surveys!

Due to growing issues in the department and the department members having unpleasant experience, a new trend has been initiated where Public Affairs can host Surveys within and outside SAPD. These Surveys are used to collect data, ask questions, draw conclusions and then send the result with raw answers, no editing whatsoever to the Command Staff of the SAPD to help fix any occurring issues that the Troopers may face. As of now, there has been a total of two Surveys hosted, these were the results:

First Survey Results:

General Stats

  • A total of 14 people completed the survey.
  • 26.7% of those Troopers are NOT satisfied with their current rank while 73.3% are satisified.
  • 10 out of 14 Troopers voted positive for the performance of SWAT and Academy Division. While 3 Troopers were not satisfied and one being unaware.


  • Poor Promotion System:
    Some people are feeling as if they are being ignored, I quote "i was a lieutenant before and i know how to supervise on the field. i've been partnering cops and arming them for like a month now and i haven't received recognition other than being called to LSPD for calling someone a "dumbo.".
  • Issues with Supervisors:
    Some people, I should say, 4 people out of 15 have issues with the current Supervisors, while 2 are unsure and the rest are happy.
  • Hate for other Troopers, not the system itself.
  • Volunteers
  • Toxic members in the department
  • Constant useless and unnecessary complaints of Troopers
  • Lack of Roleplay
  • Department is very less organized
  • Weapon Regulations regarding HW

Implementations / Fixes

  • Better system for the recruitment of Volunteers, Ridealongs.
  • Allowance of having M4 on regular duty, without being in SWAT.
  • Armour for Volunteers upon /tg
  • Get rid of toxic people and keep those who are blacklisted always blacklisted.
  • Organizing Volunteers more frequently.
  • Training Sessions for everyone weekly. (Mandatory)

    Response of Command Staff regarding the issues and implementations
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    Second Survey

    The second survey was mainly focused on asking questions regarding the Volunteers. These were the questions asked and the following summarized answers were given:

    • Do you like the overall system of Volunteers?
      76.7% No 23.3% Yes
    • Do you wish to see Volunteer system getting removed altogether or changing it?
      36.7% Change it 33.3% Remove it 30% Anything as long as it fixes it.
    • What issues do you face from Volunteers?
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    • In your opinion, do Volunteers help or make more trouble?
      80% Make more trouble 20% Help/some don't
    • How would you suggest fixing the Volunteer system?
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    Conclusion: The very first two surveys shows us that the main problem occurs in the Volunteers. A better system should be implemented for the recruitment of Volunteers, majority of the Troopers voted negative for them, while few voted positive.

    Weed field at Shady Creeks!

    On May 25th, a call was received by dispatch about a unconfirmed weed field located at Shady Creeks. Upon arriving at the location, the weed field was found at far up South Side of Shady Creeks. The weed field was sized to be huge, consisting at least 500+ weed seeds. The weed field was destroyed by the usage of flame throwers.


    Website: pd.sagov.us
    Author: Khalid King
    Photos: Shane Williams - Delford Collins
    Date: 28 / 05 / 20

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