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Post by Jasper Sakura » Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:20 pm

Name: Jasper_Ookami
Former badge number: 123
Former rank: Trooper
Former divisions: N/A SRT most probably
Date of resignation: Didnt Resign at the time
Reason of resignation: I /groupleave'd in an attempt to obtain Valuable information to provide to PD against a crime network which lead to a partial success given I have identified and provided as much info as I could when I could.
Reason of reinstatement: Thus upon being exposed due to an anonymous individual, I have now applied more time into being an Officer as well as Assisting newer officers whom joined the department and Guided them with Sufficient information for members of the Academy further develop the new comes.
I understand the conditions of the last reinstatement form I have made and given the punishment if I didnt abide by them would be given thus I was fully aware when I decided to obtain this information, Which I have spoken to Chief W. Lockheed about thus he is informed of my plans and the possibility of my return if it was Successful or if things became pear shaped. Thus given this I am personally requesting a Final Chance to rejoin the Force if more strict punishments are to be in place I will understand them and will Carry out any requests which I am given.

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Re: Jasper_Ookami

Post by Paco Velez » Thu Dec 05, 2019 4:06 pm

Hahahahah no