Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an official Trooper?
To join the San Andreas Police Department, you must read the thread here check if the recruitment is open before applying.
All information is included in the thread, from how to apply to the requirements.

How to join the discord of the SAPD?
You may join our Discord without being in SAPD, however you have access only to the channel of announcements.
You can join by clicking here.

How to find the codes of the Department?
The codes used by our department can be found by clicking here.
We recommend you learn the important ones first, which are marked with yellow colour.

When can I use my duty issued weapon?
You must always prioritize non-lethal force, you may issue verbal commands with /b1 or /vb1 etc. then you may also use your spraycan and nightstick and also call for backup with /r stating your location.

In order to use lethal force, the suspect must have previously or is currently using a firearm, make sure to always issue verbal warnings unless the suspect is directly firing at you.
Also, you may shoot a suspect's vehicle if they are driving a high-speed vehicle. If a vehicle is faster than the cruiser, like the Elegy, you may open fire.
Find the full list of high-speed vehicles here.

While on duty
  • Be polite when dealing with citizens, we are here to make them feel safe.
  • You may frisk the suspect on the scene or before their arrest in the station. If you find illegal items you must contact a Trooper+ to seize them.
  • You can apply cuffs on a suspect with /cuffs and their ID.
  • While in pursuit, you must not overtake other cruisers unless you have faster speed or the other cruiser has crashed. Avoid overtaking if not needed.
  • Always try to box the vehicle of the suspect, by blocking with your cruiser ways of exit.

    This thread covers frequently asked questions, there are much to learn about policing, you can find great tips by joining the Police Academy and becoming a Trooper after passing it.
    Find more information by reading the handbook and the regulations.