Mini_me [DENIED]

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Mini_me [DENIED]

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What is your motivation for joining the San Andreas Police Department?
I've always been interested in joining law inforcement agencies and I worked hard for it physically and mentally. The active schedule and hard working of my fellow Officers motivates me to go and help them as possible.

Describe with your own words, what does it mean to be a police officer?
Being a peace Officer I have many responsibilities on my shoulders and I need/have to fulfill them such as mentaining peace, put an end to crimes/corruption, follow orders of seniors, make a jist enviroment in our society and be friendly to everyone. If I am not myself peaceful so it's impossible to spread peace.

Have you ever been arrested or placed under detention before?:
I've been arrested about 1-1/2 months ago for an evil act of mine which I regret alot than anyone could expect .

Have you ever been convicted in a court of law? If yes, list the charges brought against you:
Not sure.

Have you ever been in contact with people affiliated to an organization bent on breaking the law?Have you ever been part of said organizations in the past or otherwise hanged out with them?
I've hanged out with criminal gang members/leader but only for my bussiness because I am CEO of a company.

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Re: Mini_me

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We regret to inform you that after negative evaluation, we have decided to deny your application. The application was denied based on reasoning that you may read below.

* Blacklisted due to dishonorably discharge as a result of Criminal Conduct
* Failure to respect previous application ban till 01/02/2019..

In order to fix the issue(s) that resulted in your denial and increase your chances for a future application, we suggest:

* Be more patient.

In order to re-apply, you need to wait at least 2 weeks. Any submitted application before the said period will be immediately denied.

Gregory Walker
Academy Instructor