[Press Release] - Progress and News

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[Press Release] - Progress and News

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Training by Gerald Clinton

Photograph from Jake Randall, Troopers are sitting on the front while Instructors in the back.
Yesterday, around 7 Troopers had the chance to get trained in PITing, boxing vehicles, performing felony stops as well as using spike strips.

The training is one of the two courses introduced in the department to train Recruits and Troopers.
Although the training is provided only to official members, the Academy Division granted a volunteer to watch.

Many curious people gathered to watch the training and they were amazed by the possibilities of the Troopers.
Government and Police Department closer than ever before

Meeting between Lead Trooper Jake Randall and the Governor of San Andreas
The new Governor of San Andreas Brendan Finney has made several steps to connect the San Andreas Government with the San Andreas Police Department.

The office is ready to hear concerns that citizens may have, including opinions as well as suggestions.

Recently, the San Andreas Government appointed Jake Randall as the Secretary of Urban Development. This can only be positive for our State and future development, especially to the San Andreas Police Department.
Special events for Christmas

A race organized by Congress((management)) in San Fierro, it meets all safety standards.
Recently, there have been several events to celebrate Christmas organized by several people and organizations.
From races to hide and seek, the events are here to give a wonderful time to tons of Citizens.

Our Department has recently made a Publication about it too.

K&J the restaurant in Market has also been transferred to celebrate Christmas and is ready to serve you.

Merry Christmas to all friends of SAPD, we will come with more publications soon as we are getting stable.

75 Years 1945 - 2020

Our history, memory, pride and glory!