[Press Release] - "Glory to SAPD!"

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[Press Release] - "Glory to SAPD!"

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Press Release #9 - "Glory to SAPD!"

Police Officers


Police Officers.
They are the first defence line against terrorism these days. They are against numerous threats.
Police Officers are regularly receiving new tasks, and objectives change every single day.

Although our job is very difficult, with our enduring administration and the astonishing communication between we are able to defeat every threat.
Humanitarian Aid against all expectations

Image"The photograph of victors" - A photograph taken at Bone County showing the co operation of EMS and PD.

With the amazing co operation of JSOF, SAPD and EMS, the Humanitarian aid was a huge success.

Based on data from the Government, the aid managed to give over 1.000 citizens medical and food supplies for a month.
The humanitarian aid also received a donation of $200.000 from a citizen of the terrorist group at Bone County.

During the aid, an IED exploded; however, this did not affect anyone since Sergeant II Weston Lockeheed expected this.
"Everyone run, buy BLS kit and toolkit!" he said before a briefing.
It looks like Command is very careful when choosing supervisors, without this right decision, several vehicles of the convoy would remain damaged unable to protect the truck.

With the assistance of our friends in EMS which were later rewarded the humanitarian aid was a huge success!
Long Live Our State


Friday 5th of June, two rustlers enter the area of Pershing Square, without giving any signal they shoot on the ground.
Hydras deploy from Los Santos International Airport in an attempt to take the rustlers down.

Officers are equipped and protect Cityhall the symbol of freedom and unity.
Two terrorists are taken down and captured giving a strong message to those who dispute the San Andreas Government.
Farewell, burnt weedfields


Past days, SAPD has taken measures against weedfields.
A citizen may call 911 to report a weedfield, and SAPD will immediately deploy as many units as possible depending on the scale of the weedfield.

Bruce McCane and Anthony Eix are two of our Police Officers who are giving fights to these type of crime every single day.
Someone could say it's their speciality, to burn down large weed fields and eliminate people guarding them.

We have seen a rise in weed fields; this is based on volunteers regularly using aerial units to inspect areas.
We would like to thank everyone who helps keep weed fields under check.
A progressive Academy Division


Apart from the honor of joining Cadet team, Anthony Eix had the chance to learn from the best Instructors SAPD ever had.

The current Instructors of SAPD are progressive people who want Cadets actually to learn information, and they do it with advanced techniques helping them learn as many information possible in a fun and easy way.

The Instructors sometimes choose places with a beautiful view, and it helps Cadets take their mind off and focus on new information.
Thanks to our Chief Instructor Weston Lockeheed, a very open minded person who is always there when Instructors need him.

Jake Randall
Sergeant I

SAPD Spokesman

75 Years 1945 - 2020

Our history, memory, pride and glory!

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Re: [Press Release #9] - "Glory to SAPD!"

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Tremendeous work, never ceases to impress me!

One of the first members of this Department and surely the last.