[Press Release] - Interview from the new Supervisors

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[Press Release] - Interview from the new Supervisors

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Press Release #5 - Interview from the new Supervisors

May is over, and we are now entering the first month of Summer, June.
In this Press Release, we'll be interviewing the new supervisors of SAPD.
Interview from the new Supervisors
Sergeant I Kacper Williams on the left and Sergeant I Weston Lockeheed on the right.
Last Sunday, High Command assigned two new supervisors, Kacper Williams, and Weston Lockeheed.
After a week of being Sergeants, we had the unique opportunity to interview both of them!
Kacper Williams
  • When did you join SAPD?
I have reinstated this February but my first join was around September of 2018.
  • Did a lot of things change during this time?
Good question, Yea.
Less drama, better SWAT team, better atmosphere.
A lot of respect between the officers too. That has increased, which I like.
  • You were recently promoted to Sergeant, how do you feel of this change?
I guess the volunteers should be more careful about what they do.
Before I got promoted, they only showed fuckery and disrespect.
I am here to change that.
  • Are you going to enforce regulations to volunteers so they don't make mistakes?
Of course.
  • Mr. Kacper what are your plans after reaching so far, becoming a supervisor?
I guess keep going, to not stop and to not give up.

Weston Lockeheed
  • When did you join SAPD?
I first joined in late October of last year. It's been a long journey.
  • Did a lot of things change during this time?
I have seen good officers come and go, but the department has gotten better and with stable leadership.
  • Do you think the leadership of the department, the High Command, has played a role in this?
Yes, their great leadership has guided us through some hard times, especially Chief Carter.
  • Mr. Weston, do you agree with Mr Kacper, do volunteers need to be managed more?
Well. I do.
Because I was once that retarded volunteer but after some heavy moulding I believe I turned out fine.
I aim to change the image of volunteers by enforcing competency.
  • What are your plans for the future?
Well, I aim to constantly improve myself and work to benefit the department.[/align]
Happy and excited to supervise volunteers and us, Field Officers are the new Supervisors, filling the empty slots and making the department healthier.

A Press Release with several situations is coming soon, thank you for reading!

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