[Press Release] - "What We Leave Behind"

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[Press Release] - "What We Leave Behind"

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Press Release #3 - "What We Leave Behind"

In this Press Release, we'll cover the latest news of the San Andreas Police Department.

A week full of adventure and a constant battle against crime has come to an end.
From weapons smuggling to weed fields, the San Andreas Police Department had a fantastic success rate combating crime last week.

In this Press Release;
  • The Department Meeting of May
  • Border Check at LS-FC toll
  • Recent achievements by the SWAT team
  • Opeartion 'Corleone HQ'
The Department Meeting of May
This Sunday, 26th of May, after a week of planning the meeting of SAPD took place at the FBI HQ.
The successful meeting of SAPD gathered volunteers, Cadets, field officers, and supervisors.

In the meeting, several important issues were discussed, such as the addition of thee courses.
  1. Basic Life Saving - BLS
    Will be handed out by Senior Instructor Jake Randall and Chief Instructor Weston Lockheed.
  2. Police professionalism & ethics- PRE
    Will be handed out by Senior Instructor Jake Randall.
  3. Advanced Combat Training - ACT
    Will be handed out by Instructors Stock Lee and Eduardo Santos.
Each course comes with its ribbon that officers may place on their desk.
There was also a surprise in this meeting, eight officers were promoted.

Police Officer I > Police Officer II
  • Jake Randall
  • Dizzy Santiago
  • Abraham Blake
  • Shane Williams
Police Officer II > Police Officer III
  • Riku Shikai
  • Eduardo Santos
Police Officer III > Sergeant I
  • Kacper Williams
  • Weston Lockeheed
ImageChief of Police Derek Carter on the top, Sergeant I Kacper Williams on the top left, followed by Lieutenant Paco Valez,
Police Officer II Shane Williams, Police Officer II Abraham Blake, Police Officer I Deckard Jones and Sergeant I Weston Lockheed.
On the front, Volunteers Nick Alvin and Joseph Arnold.
The photograph was taken by Police Officer II Jake Randall.
Border Check at LS-FC toll
ImageOfficer Shane Williams directing the traffic at the LS-FC toll.

This Friday, the Department set up a border check at Los Santos - Flint County toll frisking vehicles and individuals.
With the guidance of Captain Matthew Carter, we were able to get some information about it.

He believes that this is not the most effective way to stop narcotics and weapons from entering Los Santos; however, it makes citizens feel safe that their border is checked.
Recent achievements by the SWAT team
SWAT Commander Kacper Williams and Operative Tyrone Williams in front of 20 naturalized suspects.
The Special Weapons And Tactics team is the tactical division of SAPD.
Recently, the division with their Commander Kacper Williams has seen some visible improvements on the field.

On Friday 24th of May, the SWAT team got involved in a massive shoutout at Market Mall, with the assistance of SRT and Field Officers, they took all suspects down with only one injury that being a Volunteer.

We asked several officers to tell us their opinion about SAPD and their current goals, most of them dreamed of joining SWAT.
Operation Corleone HQ
SRT operatives a Operation 'Corleone HQ'
Sunday, 26th of May, hours before the official department meeting an advertisement from a member of Corleone Mafia makes the SAPD deploy SWAT and SRT operatives and direct them to Corleone HQ.

Field officers didn't know much at the time; they were asking each other what is going on.
Minutes after the deployment, they learn that Corleone Mafia threatened SAPD to take over Los Santos, a crime against peace.

The supervisors of SAPD were clear and didn't let their plans work out the way they expected them to work.
The Special Response Team of FBI, in an attempt to calm the situation down, sent a negotiator, but negotiations didn't work out.

After some time, Corleone decided to shoot at SAPD, getting several members of the crime organization naturalized.

Don't miss next Saturday, the special escort organized by SAPD.
Jake Randall
Sergeant I
SAPD Spokesman

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Re: [Press Release #3] - "What We Leave Behind"

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Re: [Press Release #3] - "What We Leave Behind"

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Everyone showed their skills, good job and good luck.

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Re: [Press Release #3] - "What We Leave Behind"

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ufff, great press release.